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Gospel Tutor is a free (absolutely no strings attached) network of Gospel/Christian music teachers/tutors/facilitators/leaders. The purpose is to break down barriers, build relationships, and grow a network that is outward looking, unified, open to collaboration and desires to look out for, encourage and bless others.

The following people support the vision of the Gospel Tutor network:

Steve Thompson

Velveta Thompson

Noel Robinson

Steve Campbell



There are two sides to the network:

  1. Those on the network being connected to each other
  2. Those on the network being exposed to a wider client base

The network will be built through peoples’ personal invitation – this is to ensure quality and that standards accurately meet expectations. An individual cannot request to be added, an existing member of the network must invite them, that way there is accountability.

Members of the network will have a web page on this site (with as much or as little information – text, web links, pictures that they wish to submit) regarding their teaching work. 

All we ask is that people have been fully CRB checked and have public liability insurance and state this in their information along with a fair/accurate description of what level they teach what instrument(s) etc (ie Saxophone – Beginners to advance, or Beginners Piano and Theory).

There are multiple categories that people can be listed under (with a link to their own page for more information) in order for people to search them under which instrument etc they are looking to learn. The website will be very basic at the early stages, but none-the-less very useful. We also wish that people state what geographical area(s) they cover/are willing to cover. 

Rates and terms and conditions for work carried out remain entirely at peoples discretion and it is up to the individual what details they wish to submit for their web page.

Although it is called ‘Gospel Tutor’ it is in no way limited to those who teach ‘Gospel’ music. Any Christian who is an active musician/singer/music leader/producer/rapper etc who teaches/facilitates and has been invited can become a part of the network.

The only conditions of use beyond that is that people agree to utilise the network for the good of others and do not misuse their access to the network for selfish means (introducing money making schemes from a 3rd party and the like etc).

Existing methods of communication and networking (Myspace, Facebook, email, phone/text) will be used by members of the network, instead of creating yet another social network group to keep up with. Therefore people can use whichever methods work for them, all it will mean is that there would be a central listing of those on the network (the website) and more opportunities to network through existing methods. There is a Myspace (www.myspace.com/gospeltutor), Facebook group (‘GospelTutor’ invite only) and email (GospelTutor@hotmail.co.uk).

There are no gold stars, brownie points, prizes or money earned by anyone for the creation or building up of the network. People should only support the network, invite others to join and accept an invite if they are happy to uphold the values of the network (to break down barriers, build relationships, and grow a network that is outward looking, unified, open to collaboration and desires to look out for, encourage and bless others).


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